We are a printmaking studio in lovely California,
with a genuine passion for craftsmanship + detail.
We love playing with whatever we can find to put ink on.

the vision

Our goal as a print shop is to produce high-quality, hand-crafted print-work with an emphasis on sustainability + ecology + delight. Our shared goal as humans is to add value to the world, support our earth + communities, and ultimately take part in creating all the happiness that we can collectively imagine.

the team

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our story

In Portland, Oregon, during the autumn of 2001, Monika was studying architecture at the UofO, and Nathan was in his first year of art school at PNCA. In the spring by happenstance they ended up at the same place at the same time, bonded over beers, mid-century design, and a love of all things handmade (just to name a few). That evening was never-ending and the beginning of the rest of their lives.

Fast forward 3-4 yrs: Monika was busy working in architecture. Nathan was finishing up a degree in printmaking while working as a studio assistant at a small design firm that specialized in letterpress + screen printing. Something about the old equipment, exquisite materials, and history of craftsmanship, began to solidify Nathan’s seduction into a life of ink on paper.

Summer of ’05: Nathan + Monika packed the two cats into an overloaded Volkswagen Fox and headed to California. Monika continued to practice architecture, refining her strong design sensibilities, and mastering the art of organizing any project. Nathan landed a sweet job at Dauphine Press as a full time letterpress operator, and soon rose to the position of lead printer + press room manager.

It was about this time that Nathan and Monika had the good fortune of acquiring the Vandercook #4 proof press that is in the shop today. Purchased from PNCA, Nathan’s alma mater, this had been the first letterpress he had ever used. The Vandercook opened the door for Nathan and Monika to work on projects of their own, trying out new designs, playing with alternative processes.

Spring of ‘11: Both were ready to take all of the creative energy they had been storing up and focus it on a family business, something close to home and close to their hearts.

The timing was right, the stars were aligned, a few leaps was taken, there was one fabulous Kickstarter project call A Thousand Thank Yous, a Heidelberg printing press was acquired, and in Fall 2011 Parallel Print Shop was open for business.

We are very proud and thankful for the history that brought us here, and we are thrilled to bring all our years of experience and expertise to each project we do. Whether its custom one of a kind business card or a lovingly crafted wedding invitation, we bring our passion, enthusiasm, and commitment every day.