the studio

Our print studio is housed
in an sweet little warehouse that is equal parts art space,
inspiring office, + industrial workshop.

the presses

The Trusty Vandercook #4 Proof Press

Born in 1951, the Vandercook #4 was not only the first press in our shop, but the first press Nathan ever laid hands on. While at PNCA Nathan had become very familiar with this slick little cylinder press – so a few years later, when the press was looking for a new home, we jumped at the chance to become reacquainted with this old friend.

Our Vandercook Printing Press is remarkably versatile, with an ample press bed and a smooth glide. We use it for our one-of-a-kind handmade notebooks, art prints, experimental work, and any other job that needs a slow + steady pace. Hand-fed + hand-cranked, this press requires plenty of patience and a little elbow grease, but the results are always well worth the effort.

The Charming Heidelberg Windmill Press

Born in Germany in 1955, this press enchanted us both from day one. We found it living in an amazing old barn in the Sonoma / Napa wine country. The Press was handsome, fit, and purred like a kitten. We were ready to take it home.

Heidelberg Windmills are truly a marvel of 20th century engineering, and are considered some of the most versatile and handy printing presses ever built. Our windmill is speedy, accurate, and happy to get the job done.

This Heidelberg had not been used in years, so it came to us in need of a good cleaning and a hefty dose of love. Now in full operating condition, we use our windmill for most of the day-to-day printing like: business cards, wedding invitations, beverage coasters, and thank you cards!